The Best Apps For Teachers That You Have To Try

Lately, I have been thinking about how much teaching has changed in recent years. It is getting more and more common to incorporate new kinds of technology to make learning easier. We have Google Classroom now, Zoom meetings, online communication, Google Slides, and plenty of other ways to learn remotely. 

Another fantastic way that technology makes teaching easier is apps! There are so many ways you can take your lessons to the next level by using simple apps.

Here are some of my favorite apps for teachers!

  1. Chatterpix: This app can make anything talk! Books, pets, doodles, food, and more! You can use it in your classroom to make messages for your students or they can even use it for class projects! 
  2. Green Screen: This app is essential especially now that so many people are distance learning. It creates a green screen so that you can use whatever background you want! It is great for making learning fun and also providing a visual for your lessons. 
  3. QR Code Readers: QR codes make everything easier, especially for younger learners who are still getting the hang of using technology in the classroom. Instead of finding links or websites, students can easily scan a QR code and it will present them with whatever information they need to get to. A good QR code app will make it easy for you to create and use them regularly. 
  4. Quizlet: This app is designed specifically for learning! It includes flashcards, games, and other study tools that will help students learn. Such a great resource! 
  5. Seesaw: This app makes it easy for students to post their work to share with their parents! It also makes it easy for teachers to communicate important information about student progress to parents. 
  6. Calendly: As teachers, we have so much to keep track of. This app will help you keep track of everything in your schedule and it works with iPhone and Android calendars!
  7. Explain Everything: This digital whiteboard app is created for teaching online. It is like a virtual whiteboard that you can use in your lessons. You can even add in animations!
  8. Draw and Tell: This app is perfect for elementary students. They can create a drawing and share with the class. This one makes it easy to add in creativity to your lessons.

There are lots of other amazing apps for teachers. These are just some of my favorites. I hope that this list helps you in your classroom! 

If you are looking for some teaching resources for distance learning, check out my shop here!

apps for teachers

Amazing Teaching Bundles That Will Save You Time

I have always loved creating new teaching resources and sharing it with others. With the evolution of teaching and the way we share ideas with each other, it is easier than ever to hop online and do a simple search to find some great new ideas. 

We have no more limitations when it comes to new ideas and activities. There are millions of ideas to choose from! While this is amazing, it can also be overwhelming. No one wants to spend their free time browsing through thousands of teaching resources and ideas to plan out lessons each day. This is why I love teaching bundles! You can find one creator that you love and buy a bundle of resources to take care of you for the entire year. One and done! 

Here are some of my favorite teaching bundles that will last you the whole year

Entire Year STEM Challenge Bundle

This STEM bundle is ideal for lower elementary kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade students. This bundle comes with 43 STEM challenges including seasonal STEM activities for Christmas, Easter, Winter, and more! 

teaching bundles

Science STEM Resource Bundle

This bundle is a great resource to use while teaching about science concepts. Challenges include force and motion, rocks, natural disasters, fossils, and more. You’ll get  Word Wall Words, Flip Books, and STEM Challenges- everything for your STEM science lessons! 

Writing Prompt Cards Bundle

This bundle is a great collection of seasonal writing prompts for the whole year. The Writing Prompt Cards are great for writing centers or independent writing practice. Simply copy the prompts on card stock and put a ring in the top corner! Great for third, fourth, or fifth grade elementary students. 

STEM Inventions Bundle

These STEM Activities tie to history, research, and design challenges. Your upper elementary students will love these challenges that cover parachutes, solar oven, slinkys, windmills, space, crayons, and more! 

teaching bundles

Mega STEM Activities Bundle

This huge bundle includes over 55 STEM challenges that will engage your students as they go through the engineering design process. These challenges connect to literature and other content areas and are great for any elementary level grade. You will never have to buy new STEM challenges again. 

teaching bundles

I hope that by using these bundles, you get some of your valuable free time back. Remember, you don’t have to spend your every waking moment planning lessons to have fun and memorable lessons for your kiddos! 

You can check out more bundles here!

St. Patrick’s Day Books And Activities Students Will Love

As March comes roaring in, it’s time to start planning activities for St. Patrick’s Day! As you know, themes in the classroom are a great way to get students engaged in their learning. Planning lessons around leprechauns, rainbows, and clover leaves will add some fun to your day. 

In the midst of the winter “blahs” your students will welcome some activities and books that remind them of the coming spring.

Here are some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day books to read in your classroom this March. 

One of the most effective ways to get students involved in engineering, creative thinking, and data collection is with STEM challenges. These challenges are easy to incorporate into your busy classroom schedule, and your students will love them. 

These resources are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom!

My STEM Clover Art Resource  is the perfect critical thinking activity that gets kids thinking about geometry!

St. Patrick’s Day 4 Leaf Clover STEM Challenge will get your students problem solving and thinking critical during the holiday. Students use congruent triangles to create a 4 Leaf Clover. Students measure the perimeter of the triangles. This activity is a great way to introduce the different types of triangles. 

For more St. Patricks Day activities to get your students thinking critically, you should check out my St. Patrick’s Day Coding Challenges!

This activity is a great way to introduce your students to binary code. Included in this resource, you’ll get: 

  • Design and write a St. Patrick’s Day Bracelet using Binary Code. 
  • Complete a St. Patrick’s Day Code-Do the Math Worksheet
  • St. Patrick’s Day Code- Read the Code Worksheet
  • St. Patrick’s Day Coding in a School Box

This resource is great for centers, Maker Spacers, or Early Finishers. Students can work independently or with partners learning how to use binary code with St. Patrick’s Day Words. 

My March STEM Challenges pack includes five experiments that are based on St. Patrick’s Day themes.

Students will create a leprechaun trap, catapult gold coins, design a leprechaun home, and take on other fun challenges. 

While completing the activities students will use fractions, averaging, data collection, and even writing skills. Although the activities take a short amount of time to set up and implement, they really pack an educational punch.

I hope you love these St. Patrick’s Day activities and books this March!

Read Across America Day Activities

Read Across America Day is quickly approaching! Every March 2 (the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss), teachers, students, and parents celebrate reading by enjoying books together. For some reading activities and STEM activities for March, check out my post here! Many teachers take the opportunity to also integrate Dr. Seuss-themed lessons and activities. The zany words and illustrations in many Dr. Seuss books are a perfect way to get your students excited about reading. 

Ready to add some new activities to your Read Across America Day plans?

One easy writing activity is to have your students craft an opinion piece about their favorite Dr. Seuss book. They can explain why the book is their favorite while practicing using main ideas and details. 

Dr. Seuss books also provide plenty of material for word study and phonics lessons. Using rhyming and word families, your students can springboard from Dr. Seuss’s text into creating their own.

 Another favorite part of Read Across America Day is the chance to create snacks!

Green eggs and ham is, of course, a popular dish that can be recreated in plenty of school-friendly ways. If you’d like to get a little more creative, Truffula Tree Cupcakes in honor of the Lorax are a fun treat. Simply use green frosting on homemade or store-bought cupcakes, stick a pretzel stick in as the “trunk”, and add a ball of cotton candy on top of each trunk. Your students will be thrilled with a snack they can enjoy while listening to The Lorax. 

To bring in science and math concepts during Read Across America Day, my Wacky Wednesday STEM Challenges are perfect. 

These activities can be used on any day of the week, and are perfect for students in 2nd- 5th grades. The silly challenges include Green Eggs, Tie Dye, “You’re Going Places” and several others.

 Kids love the funny topics, and they can easily be integrated with Dr. Seuss books to celebrate Read Across America. While practicing their engineering and building skills, students will enjoy hands-on fun! 

Read Across America day

February STEM Activities Your Students Will Love

When we think of February, we usually think of all things Valentine’s Day. There are classroom parties to plan, activities to prepare for, games to play, and maybe even some Valentine’s Day cards to make. It’s a  lot of fun and students really look forward to exchanging cards, sharing candy with friends, and doing fun educational activities in the classroom. 

 All of those things are great for the week of Valentine’s Day, but what about the rest of the month? 

Holidays are great ways to get students excited about learning and it gives them something to look forward to. That is why I always try to incorporate them into my lessons. But what about those days in between major holidays? 

I have a solution for you! Did you know that every day in February is a holiday? It’s true! You have Send A Card To A Friend Day, Frozen Yogurt Day, Thank A Letter Carrier Day, Get A Different Name Day, Weatherman’s Day, and more! I love incorporating these sometimes silly, little known holidays in my classroom because the students think it’s funny and it is a great way to increase their engagement. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go looking up all of the holidays and trying to make unique activities for each of them by yourself, I did all of that work for you.

I created my Everyday Is A Holiday February STEM Challenge resource so you can have all of the fun, without all of the work. 

February STEM

Everyday Is A Holiday February STEM Challenges have an activity or a suggestion that will engage your students in a fun way to learn each day of the month. This is also a great way for your students to learn about historical facts as they go along. 

February STEM

These printable February STEM activities are based on the Next Generation Science Standards and are great for elementary students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. 

February STEM

This resource will completely take STEM planning off of your plate for the month of February, but if you want more for the whole year, check out my Daily STEM Activities Bundle. You will get the February STEM challenges along with STEM challenges for every day of the year!

February stem

How To Throw An Amazing Valentine’s Day Party In Your Classroom

February 14th is quickly approaching so I am getting ready for my classroom Valentine’s Day party. I love planning a fun and festive classroom party. It gives my students something special to look forward to during the school day. However, I know not all teachers love planning classroom parties. It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! I’m here to help you throw a rockin’ Valentine’s Day party.

 When planning a classroom party, I find it is important to find the right combination of sweets and snacks, games, and holiday themed educational activities. 

Valentine's Day party

Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Party Activities and Sweets

  1. For snacks and sweets, it is best to stick with cookies or cupcakes- something that can easily be purchased at a low cost as a batch to go around to all students. Bags of chips or candy hearts are also an easy go-to snack idea that fits in with the Valentine theme. (The candy hearts can also be used in this STEM challenge.) It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, your students will love food no matter what. You can also ask for parent donations of these easy supplies to lessen the cost. 
  2. For games, get your students moving with a fun game of musical hearts, like musical chairs, but with hearts. You can also play a round of freeze dance (who doesn’t love that game?), or a Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunt. All of these games require few supplies and are of little to no cost.
  3. Pull out that extra stash of glitter, construction paper, and glue and have students make their own Valentine’s Day cards or card boxes, have them vote at the end to see who wins the class favorite. Here are some Valentine’s awards certificates you can hand out! 
  4. Add in some educational activities. You can still learn while having fun! Add in some fun Valentine’s day STEM challenges to get their creativity flowing. Try my Valentine’s Day STEM challenges here. It comes with 7 fun themed Valentine’s activities to choose from. 
Valentine's Day party

For more February STEM ideas. I have tons of great options in my shop. 

If you are distance learning, you can still have a fun virtual party with your students! 

Freeze dance can still be played in a Zoom meeting, you can also cater your scavenger hunt to items that are commonly found at home. 

My February At Home STEM Challenge is made to be completed by students from home with easy to find, common materials. Your students will create a heart statue using foil. This resource comes with directions, worksheets, and even awards to hand out at the end! This is a fun way to encourage creativity and give a good confidence boost with awards! 

Valentine's Day party

You can also try out my Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges. These come with Google Slides so they can easily be used in or out of the classroom. Students can build a Valentine’s Day candy catapult, do experiments with candy hearts, and more!

For more Valentine’s Day activity ideas, check out my post here.

I hope these ideas and activities give you some inspiration to throw your own fantastic Valentine’s Day party!

Valentine's Day party

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