How To Use Math Task Cards In Your Classroom

Would you like to rejuvenate and refresh math instruction time in your elementary classroom? Math task cards are the perfect answer! They are versatile, easy to use, and provide an easy way to add practice without more worksheets. Each task card has an individual, stand alone task or problem.

How To Use Task Cards

You can group cards by a particular skill and use them for centers, independent practice, or for whole class games like SCOOT. Early finishers can use them, or you can assign them to particular students while you work with a small group. Tasks from multiple skills can be grouped together to create review activities for end of year or standardized tests. Best of all, task cards can be used year after year with no prep work!

math task cards

For the upper elementary classroom, I offer a huge bundle of math task cards here

math task cards

This set includes cards for 19 different topics such as place value decimals, adding and subtracting fractions, rounding, and more. You can easily use these for classroom practice or fun review games. This bundle has task cards for all the topics you might work on during the year- which means you always have math activities ready to go! I’ve also included two sets of Boom cards that can be used for digital practice.

math task cards

After seeing the flexibility these task cards provide, I hope you will grab a set and make your classroom math practice even more fun!

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STEM Activities Based on Books To Try This Spring

I love springtime in the classroom! The weather is beautiful and the students seem to be in greater spirits because of the sunshine. There is definitely some renewed energy for the last couple of months of the school year. 

This is the time of year I usually start incorporating spring themed books, STEM activities, and lessons into my plans.

There are so many great books to choose from but one of my favorites is If I Built A Car by Chris Van Dusen. This fun book is a story about a boy telling his dad what kind of car he would build if he could! 

After we read this story, I make a STEM connection with my Wind Car STEM Activity. This fun activity gives students the opportunity to design and create a wind car. It is a fun team building activity that gets students thinking critically as they design and build a car after reading the book. 

stem activities

Economics is integrated into the lab through discussions and understanding scarcity, human, natural, and capital resources. Students collect the data of the distance their cars traveled. Through this experience students will learn many concepts as they are engaged in a FUN activity!

stem activities

Another one of my favorite STEM activities to do in spring is my STEM Kite Challenge. What kid doesn’t love to fly a kite?  This challenge will engage your students as they learn about kites, design, and test their kites! Students will construct kites after they research them. Students will go through the Engineering Process as they build and test their kites using various materials to construct it. If you want a literacy connection, you can connect this to Iqbal by Francesco D’adamo.

stem activities

These STEM activities are a great way to get your students engaged in your lessons, especially when they’re tied to a book! Want more ideas for connecting STEM and literacy? Check out my post here!

Fun Spring STEM Activities That Will Energize Your Classroom

Spring is finally starting to appear, and it’s time to enjoy some seasonal activities! There are thousands of spring and Easter activities for the classroom out there, but teachers often do not have time to incorporate them. With the high demand on classroom time and rigorous standards, it can be difficult to spend time on anything that is not learning-focused. 

That’s where seasonal STEM activities come in! STEM activities get kids solving problems with creativity, engineering, and teamwork. They are truly valuable for building skills- and can be a ton of fun too! 

Here are some fun spring STEM activities that are ready for use in your classroom. 

My April STEM Daily Challenges are great ways to engage your students in fun ways to learn historical facts and engage in STEM thinking every day of the month. Students will love learning about The Days of April with these spring STEM activities. 

spring stem

Did you know that April 1st is One Cent Day or April 3rd is Find a Rainbow Day? Everyday is a holiday STEM Challenges have an activity or a suggestion that will engage your students in a fun way to learn each day. If you have the Everyday is a Holiday Cards, these are similar just with more of a STEM connection.

My Easter April STEM Challenges Bundle is a collection of five spring STEM challenges that your students will love. They will use their designing, engineering, and data collection skills to solve problems with exciting Easter themes. These challenges include Easter items such as eggs, jelly beans, and even Peeps! The activities can be used in small groups, centers rotations, or as a whole group lesson. However you incorporate them, you can be sure your students are having fun while learning important skills. 

spring stem

Another exciting activity for spring is Easter Coding. These challenges allow your students to learn about binary coding on paper. This resource includes five activities that students will enjoy. There are hands-on activities as well as worksheets, and even a “Coding in a Box” activity that is perfect for centers or early finishers. Learning about binary code is an excellent way to gain STEM thinking skills while having fun with Easter themes. 

spring stem

I hope these activities bring some spring refreshment to your classroom and get your students excited about STEM!

How To Add Music Into Your Classroom

Music is such an important part of human life- it’s no wonder how effective it is in the classroom! Students of all ages respond to it, from preschoolers to teenagers.

As a teacher, you can harness that power! If you’ve never used music to improve learning for your students, I have a treat for you today. If you have used music in the past, I hope you will find a new idea or two. 

Here are some ways to add music into your classroom

One of the most popular ways to use music in the classroom is for retaining information. From the earliest years, students learn basics such as the alphabet and days of the week using songs. However, the use of tunes doesn’t have to end with the younger grades.

A quick internet search will provide plenty of songs that teach important concepts such as multiplication facts, history, or even science information. Content that is set to music will be more easily retained by students, and they will have fun while learning! 

For example, here is a song from Youtube to help with place value!

Another way to use songs in the classroom is to set the mood for various activities. Transition times can be improved with upbeat, happy music, while quieter activities can use soft classical background music. Younger grades can especially benefit from using certain songs for specific transition times. Don’t have time to make a playlist? Spotify has tons of playlists to choose from to easily add music without having to prep ahead of time.

Students will know what to expect and more easily move to the next activity. Students may enjoy creating playlists with their teacher for certain moods or times of day. Just as we use music to influence our mood at home or in the car, you can choose styles that reflect how you would like the room to feel.

Finally, it can be a powerful way to help students understand a particular historical period. When teaching about escaping slavery in the United States, for example, teachers can play the songs used by the Underground Railroad to spread information. Songs from the Vietnam era can also be deconstructed by students to understand the cultural mood and events of the time. Songs are an amazing history teacher, and helps students truly understand different periods. Pair some good music with these amazing social studies resources!


I hope you make a commitment to try music in your classroom in a new way!

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How To Make Testing Time Fun!

It’s that time of year! Many schools are doing testing for upper grades so the students have a lot to work on. It can be a little stressful for them because they may be feeling pressure to do well. That’s why we love to get our students excited about testing! 

Finding fun ways to incorporate test prep helps students become less stressed about testing and even excited and more motivated to review.  Most years our school brainstorms a theme for testing. Adding themes makes it less drab and more engaging, especially if they love the theme! 

Here’s how to choose your  theme and incorporate it into testing time in a fun way!

There are so many themes you could go with. It could be candy bar themes, sports, popular books, movies, etc.  When you have your theme established, come up with a motivating catchphrase that relates to the theme and decorate your classrooms and hallways! 


Here’s how we did it in my school. The teachers met and discussed what our students as a whole were really into.  Our list consisted of gaming, Among Us, and stickers! So we decided that we would go with video games and gaming! We started with “LEVEL UP” as our catchphrase and then counted how many weeks we wanted to focus on reviewing. 

Here is our four weeks of testing themes

Week 1: Pac Man


Week 2: Mario


Week 3: Minecraft

Week 4: Among Us

These games were the ones our students were playing the most. Each week students will have four challenges based on the theme. We incorporated Legos for hands on learning!



We use released testing problems and change the wordings to fit our theme. This increases engagement and our students love it!

I hope your students love these testing ideas as much as ours did! There are so many ways you can individualize it to fit in with your students interests.


Testing Ideas for elementary classrooms
Testing Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

The Best Apps For Teachers That You Have To Try

Lately, I have been thinking about how much teaching has changed in recent years. It is getting more and more common to incorporate new kinds of technology to make learning easier. We have Google Classroom now, Zoom meetings, online communication, Google Slides, and plenty of other ways to learn remotely. 

Another fantastic way that technology makes teaching easier is apps! There are so many ways you can take your lessons to the next level by using simple apps.

Here are some of my favorite apps for teachers!

  1. Chatterpix: This app can make anything talk! Books, pets, doodles, food, and more! You can use it in your classroom to make messages for your students or they can even use it for class projects! 
  2. Green Screen: This app is essential especially now that so many people are distance learning. It creates a green screen so that you can use whatever background you want! It is great for making learning fun and also providing a visual for your lessons. 
  3. QR Code Readers: QR codes make everything easier, especially for younger learners who are still getting the hang of using technology in the classroom. Instead of finding links or websites, students can easily scan a QR code and it will present them with whatever information they need to get to. A good QR code app will make it easy for you to create and use them regularly. 
  4. Quizlet: This app is designed specifically for learning! It includes flashcards, games, and other study tools that will help students learn. Such a great resource! 
  5. Seesaw: This app makes it easy for students to post their work to share with their parents! It also makes it easy for teachers to communicate important information about student progress to parents. 
  6. Calendly: As teachers, we have so much to keep track of. This app will help you keep track of everything in your schedule and it works with iPhone and Android calendars!
  7. Explain Everything: This digital whiteboard app is created for teaching online. It is like a virtual whiteboard that you can use in your lessons. You can even add in animations!
  8. Draw and Tell: This app is perfect for elementary students. They can create a drawing and share with the class. This one makes it easy to add in creativity to your lessons.

There are lots of other amazing apps for teachers. These are just some of my favorites. I hope that this list helps you in your classroom! 

If you are looking for some teaching resources for distance learning, check out my shop here!

apps for teachers

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