4 Back to School Activities & 2 BTS Freebies

Welcome to our classroom!😀🥳

Wow, what a first week! It was filled with so many emotions, but the one word that keeps popping up in my head is the word GRATITUDE! I’m so grateful that I’m a teacher and I love my job.  Seeing all my students and knowing there were smiling face under those little masks 🥰, brought some sort of normalcy back to this crazy (unprecedented) year!

I know everyone has different emotions going back, but it was very important to me to make our classroom learning environment as special as possible.  It was truly for the kids; parents could even come in the building! 

Ok, so maybe blowing up some of the balloons was a stress reliever too! My hope was to make the classroom a place that brighten up their day!

I also love displaying my elementary students’ school work! It can be outside in the hallway or all over my door! Back to School Classroom Decorations are so fun! 😀😀 I want my students to know I value their school work and I want it front and center. ❤️

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment! 

Back to School Activity 1: Read Snippet and give students a bag of snippets (bright colored paper) to create their own designs! This book has such a great message about how all shapes are special and unique. https://amzn.to/2QCUP9Y

Activity 2: Where is Math in your house? (FREE Worksheet) To get students thinking about math is so important, when building a math community of learners.

Activity 3: All About You Worksheet Free worksheet

Activity 4: Make a Crayon Box: Back to School STEM Students create a crayon box for their crayons! 😀 Students loved this activity and I connect it with the book The Crayon Man. https://amzn.to/2YPMrIT

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