Adding 5 Days of Holiday Fun Themes to Your Classroom

Making a special week everyone will remember!

The week before holiday break is a week full of energy and excitement in any elementary school. I love how our school leaders makes us feel loved and appreciated throughout the week before Christmas Break. As an Elementary Teacher, this then gives us the extra energy needed to pass on that joy of the holidays to our students. Creating a positive school culture where you go the extra mile, starts at the top. Seeing our school administration taking the extra time to make everyone feel valued and loved fills your cup. Then as a teacher you can pour out extra joy in your own classroom with some holiday fun.

Holiday Fun Theme Days

  • Grinch Day: wear green
  • Reindeer Games
  • Candy Cane Day: red and white
  • Deck the Halls: Tacky Sweater Day
  • PJ Day: Donuts (yummy treats)

This year has been tough, but nothing has been taken for granted. I never dreamed we would finish the first semester and we just did! We only went remote for a week! Wow, it was an accomplishment. It will be the little things that our students will remembered the most and the things that made school feel normal again. Some classroom taught about Holidays around the World. Kindergarten teachers made a Gingerbread Man and then chased him around the school. Some classroom participated in STEM Holiday Challenges. Looking for other holiday fun December Activities Check out this Creative Christmas Ornaments Blog Post.

holiday fun

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