Back to School and All the Feelings that Come with it!

Every August I get the same feelings…nervousness, excitement, exhaustion!! It is like I am starting a new job every year. New lessons, new students, and sometimes new co-workers. You would think by now, after so many years, I would have this down pat. But, every year I get the same feelings. 


Why? 28 new faces staring at me for starters. I want them to like me. I want them to love our classroom. I want them to feel we are a family. 

Also, I really want to be the best teacher I can. I want my students to fall in love with reading, have a curiosity for science, and know they can do anything! 

And every year, I wonder if I can do it. 


What is it about school supplies? The new crayons and markers, the beautiful, clean notebooks, and the seemingly endless supply of glue sticks. I LOVE IT ALL!

And what about the room? Everything in it’s place. The books, the desks, MY DESK! Even though it doesn’t stay this way long, I love getting my classroom ready every year. 


August just might be the most exhausting month of the year. After a summer of not having to set an alarm everyday and not having to stick to a schedule, it is tough getting back into the routine of school life.

But we do. And before you know it, the nervousness eases into comfort, and the exhaustion… well, lets be honest, some days are better than others.

But it is the excitement that grows. The excitement when a student tells you what he or her read last night. The excitement when a student figures “it” out on their own. And, the excitement of seeing your family come together day after day. It’s all worth it!!!

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