Back To School STEM Activities You Have To Try This Year

Going back to school after a long and restful summer break is exciting for students but it can also be a little nerve-wracking. Getting back into the swing of learning on a daily basis can be a bit of an adjustment. For that reason, I like to try and do some extra fun activities to get students engaged and ready to dive back into learning.

 A fun and engaging STEM activity is my favorite way to do that. As many of us already know, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It combines all of these topics in one for a more unique learning experience.  I love it because it teaches students to think critically and creatively as they design and engineer projects to reach their goals.

Another great thing about STEM is that you can combine it with other subjects too. You can read a good book and then complete a STEM challenge related to the story. You can also connect it to history or geography by doing STEM challenges related to the topics students researched. 

If you are ready to dive into the new school year with some engaging STEM challenges, I have you covered. 

My Entire Year STEM bundle includes over 65 STEM challenges for third, fourth, or fifth grade elementary students.

back to school

This resource includes activities for literally any occasion like back to school or themed challenges for each month of the year. Your students will learn to collaborate with their peers as they think critically and problem solve to complete their STEM Challenges! 

Some challenges included in this resource include my popular water bottle flipping STEM challenge, building a pencil tower, and designing bird feeders.. Check it out here! 

Another option is my Entire Year STEM Bundle Set #2!

back to school

This one includes over 25 challenges, experiments, and activities your students will love all year long in your classroom. These activities are great for team building at the beginning of the school. They also cover holidays throughout the year.

Some challenges included in this set include the popular slime experiments, Wacky Wednesday activities, fidget spinner STEM, and my end-of-the-year STEM awards! Check it out here.

These activities are sure to keep your students engaged as they think critically and problem solve all year long.

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