Earth Day Activities Your Students Will Love

Earth Day is right around the corner!

Are you ready to celebrate in your classroom? This is the perfect time to discuss the best ways to care for our planet. By incorporating some great books and STEM lessons, your students will enjoy celebrating Earth Day while learning important skills.

Here are a few of my favorite activities to bring Earth Day into the classroom. 

The Water Princess is a wonderful book for teaching about the need for clean water. It describes how a young girl in Africa must carry water daily, and how she dreams of clear, clean water for her village. The story is powerful for helping students think about Earth’s water.

The Water Princess STEM Challenge and Flip book is the perfect companion for the picture book.

The lap book helps students stay engaged with text and deepens their understanding. The STEM activity will allow students to think about clean water in a hands-on way as they design, engineer, and test. 

earth day

One Plastic Bag is another perfect book for this holiday. In the story, a woman’s village is being overrun with plastic bags that have been thrown away. She figures out a way to recycle the bags, and changes her community for the better. Students can learn about the damage of trash and how recycling works. These necessary topics for Earth Day will be interesting and engaging for students as they read or listen to the story.

The STEM One Plastic Bag Challenge is a great addition to the story. Students can use the lap book to study the text, then participate in a STEM challenge to further their skills. 

earth day

FInally, my Earth Day STEM Challenges and Activities resource is a fun way to cap off your Earth Day studies.

This bundle includes two STEM challenges as well as word work, a writing prompt, and more. Students can work in teams to attack the challenges and exercise their problem-solving skills. They will enjoy learning more about protecting our planet while gaining important skills. What a great way to spend Earth Day in your classroom! 

earth day

I hope your students love these STEM Activities!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day? Let me know in the comments!

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