Happy New Year!

Wow, starting another year! I always reflect on my teaching practices and how my students are learning.  

Questions I ask myself:  

  • Are my students learning? 
  • Are they engaged? 
  • Are they enjoying learning? 
  • Are they loving school?  
  • Are they becoming lifelong learners?  

This year while reading, these words stuck out to me:

Learning by doing!

I feel that STEM totally encompasses those words!  STEM is doing the learning.  So, as I plan for my students and a New Year, my goal is to plan for more STEM activities in my classroom.  How can I incorporate skills (important TESTED SKILLS) into my lesson plans by having my students “doing?”

Some of the activities my students will be DOING:

Winter STEM 

Almost!! Learning how to fail and succeed!!! Lifelong learning skill!

Winter Sports STEM  

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