How to Set Up a Creative Space in Your Classroom

How do you start off working in your classroom?  Do you cannonball in or do you slowly emerge yourself into your work? Well, I barely get my feet wet and slowly edge in.

I started this year by thinking about the colors I wanted to use and how I could incorporate things I already have! Designing my bulletin boards and my Wonder Lab or Create Space has been my first steps into the pool!

Thinking Station

My Imagination Station or Wonder Lab (I’m not exactly sure about the name), but we use it for more than just Makerspace Activities. For upper grades, I need it to sound really cool, maybe something like Geek Out Space! The chairs are so bright and one of my favorite things in my classroom! They are from Wayfair Dovercliff 24″ Bar Stool.  Chalkboard paint is also a game changer! My sister was getting rid of this table and my husband painted it with chalkboard paint. Perfect!!! 

The bright gear boarder was cut out by my daughter using her Circuit. I purchased the clipart from TPT from Glitter Meets Glue.  

This shelf contains materials that students can use to explore science and create STEM Activities. It helps to stay organized and students can help with the clean up!

Supply Suggestions: playing cards, dice, yarn, straws, paper towel rolls, Keva blocks, magnifying glasses, pool noodles cut up, toothpicks, craft sticks, index cards, post it notes, cardboard, Jenga blocks, tape, paper plates, lids, model clay, marbles, pipe cleaners, batteries, rubber bands, wax paper, foil, cups, small cups, cotton balls, magnets, rulers, tape measures.

Commercial Shelf is perfect to hold all my STEM materials.

I still have three weeks of summer, so I will just keep swimming along. (little by little) Moving all the stuff around from table to desks, to table to another desk trying to make it look more finished. But I will get there!!! Have a great summer!

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