March Daily STEM Activities

It is a hard time of year, as most are getting ready for testing and parent/teacher conferences. The weather is starting to get nice and Spring Fever is about to hit! But the good thing is, March is full of great days to learn!! Some of these days you know but I bet there are a few holidays you haven’t heard about. Use these days to keep your students engaged! And remember to think outside the box and change them up to work best for you.

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Some of my favorite days in March are:

March 1st: PIG DAY: Get a few cheap piggy banks and fill them with plastic coins. Younger students can identify each coin while older students can count all the money. Also a great day to read Charlotte’s Web.

March 2nd: Dr. Seuss Day: I love all the activities in my Wacky Wednesday STEM Challenges.

Wacky Wednesday STEM

March 9th: Get Over It Day: Build bridges, to help get over things. 🙂 

March 18th: Awkward Moments Day: Great day to talk about the awkward moments you have had and connect a little more with your students.

March 28th: Weed Appreciation Day: Are there some flower beds or areas of your school that students could weed?

March Daily STEM Activities

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