Mother’s Day Activities Your Students Will Love

Mothers are very special for so many reasons. They guide us, raise us, and love us. They (or other primary caregivers), are often the biggest influence in our student’s lives. So on Mother’s Day, we love to celebrate them! 

If you are a teacher you know- elementary students love to create things for their moms, so I like to make sure we always include some crafts and activities in the classroom that they can use as a Mother’s Day gift. 

Here are some Mother’s Day activities to do with elementary students

  1. Have students write all about their mothers. It is so fun for moms to see themselves through the eyes of their children. Having students write about their moms is a great gift and is also a great way to get some writing practice! 
  2. Have students conduct an interview with their mom. With this prompt, they get to know more about their moms and it is a sweet way for them to bond.  
  3. Create acrostic poems. This activity is great, especially if you are working on poetry in class. Writing acrostic poems will get your students thinking creatively and moms are sure to love it!
  4. Write a letter to mom. Another great writing exercise for students, have them write a letter to their mother telling her all of the things they love about her. 
  5. Create a Mother’s Day memory jar. Get small jars and have students fill out slips of paper where they write their favorite memories with her on them and then place them in a jar to give her as a gift. 

If you love these ideas, I created a Mother’s Day resource where you can get printables for all of these activities in one!

Mother's Day

It includes 10 pages that you can print and use during Mother’s Day celebrations in your classroom. You’ll also get memory prompts for the memory jars as well as tags that students can color and decorate.

Your students will love creating something special for their mothers or primary caregivers! Check it out here!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day in your classroom? Let me know in the comments! 

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