October Holiday Stem Challenges

Raise your hand if you knew that every day in October was a holiday? It totally is! Did you know there was such a thing as Bathtub Day? How about Fire Prevention Day? Mad Hatter Day? It is full of holidays you probably never even knew about. And let me tell you, the students think it’s hilarious. I love celebrating holidays in my classroom because they are such a fun way to break up the day to day routine and add a little excitement to the day by doing some holiday stem challenges.

Incorporating these wacky holidays into your lesson plans and activities is a great way to engage your students in fun ways to learn about historical facts. I particularly love to tie these into my STEM activities. I will teach my students about fun history facts and then incorporate some designing, engineering, and other STEM elements to get them to tap into their problem solving abilities. 

The best way to do this is to give your students as many opportunities to think creatively as possible. The more they get the opportunity to think of creative ways to solve problems, the easier it is for them to find solutions. This is why I feel it is so important  to plan for plenty creative experiences in your classroom and integrate them into your lessons. 

My Every Day Is A Holiday October STEM Challenge resource is a great way to easily add fun and creative activities to get your students participating in holiday STEM challenges with a fun theme to match the day of the month. 

I make it easy for you because I include daily holiday challenges so your lessons are taken care of for the entire month of October. Each day you’ll get an opportunity to discuss with your students a holiday or activity to get them thinking, asking questions, planning, designing, and creating. 

holiday stem challenges

Some days you will have materials that are needed, some days it is recommended that you just use what you have in your classroom already! You can enhance your students’ problem solving skills by thinking creatively about how to use the supplies they have on hand. They’ll also learn what will or won’t work. 

This resource is truly all you need to have an entire month of lessons and activities ready to go that your students will love!  

Do you use any little known holidays in your lessons? Let me know in the comments below!

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