STEM Challenges for the Entire Year Bundle Supply List


65 STEM Challenges


STEM Challenges are a great way to engage your students.  The Next Generation Science Standards has a great engineering component.  Adding STEM to your classroom will get your students thinking critically, problem solving, and collaborating with their peers! Students will begin thinking more creativity when given STEM opportunities.  My STEM Challenge Bundle is a great packet for beginning STEM teachers, or teachers who just want to incorporate more STEM into their classrooms.  All of these challenges have been classroom tested!  My students always amaze me with their thinking and their work.  The directions in these challenges are open-ended, not step by step because that would make it a craft and not a STEM Challenge.  There are suggestions, supply list suggestions, picture examples, planning sheets, and challenge sheets.  

If you are looking to purchase my STEM Challenges for the Entire Year Bundle, you might want to see what materials are needed for the projects.  Here is the list! STEM Supply for Entire Year of STEM Challenges

Enjoy your job! It’s the best there is! And always keep learning!!! It helps you not get old. (My 20th year)


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  1. Ashley

    I looked at the list but it didn’t have quantities for each item. Do you have a list with quantitites?

    1. Lisa

      No sorry! Because it depends on the number of students you have and what they decide to use.

  2. Beth

    It would be super helpful to include at least the avg. amounts for each group or person to do the labs. Then you’d just multiply it by how many groups.

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