The Best Thanksgiving Activities For School

Ready to embrace fall and celebrate turkey season with your students? Same here! October is fun and spooky but November is special because we get to learn about American history and express gratitude for our friends, family, and other blessings. 

To make this time in the classroom special, I like to pull out my Thanksgiving activities for elementary students. This gets them engaged in their lessons during those weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving activities for kids is my Thanksgiving Coding Activities.

This is perfect if you are looking to introduce your elementary students to binary code. It comes with multiple activities that will give your students a variety of ways to practice. 

Thanksgiving Activities included are: 

Design and write a Thanksgiving Code Bracelet using Binary Code. Students will pick a word to code. They will string the beads and then tie the ends for their bracelet. This one is always a hit because students love when they can wear their creations! 

Thanksgiving Code-Do the Math Worksheet. Students will use math skills to determine the number of digits in each word.

Thanksgiving Code- Read the Code Worksheet. Students will decode and determine the correct letter.

Thanksgiving Coding in a School Box. This is great for centers, Maker Spacers, or Early Finishers. Students can work indendently or with partners learning how to use binary code with Thanksgiving Day Words.  

Thanksgiving activities

Another great fall activity is my Balloons Over Broadway STEM Activity.

thanksgiving activities

This activity is based on one of the most iconic celebrations of Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s ideal for teachers looking for hands-on Thanksgiving Activities that will get your students really thinking and creating. 

I love this resource because it is based on the book Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet and it also serves as a Project Based Learning event. STEM Thanksgiving Parade Challenge will engage all your students in critical thinking and problem solving while they plan, design, and create a puppet, float, and a parade! Wow! Learning in a fun way!

thanksgiving activities

After students create their Thanksgiving Day float or puppet, you can also have a school wide parade.

This resource is also great for Google Classroom so you could even do it while distance learning. 

I hope your students love these Thanksgiving resources! It’s such a special time of year and I always get so excited when it’s time to pull these out. 

If you are looking for more fall fun for your classroom, check out these fall books!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving activities for school? Let me know in the comments!

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