Water Bottle Rolling Experiments and Observations 

If water bottle flipping is getting old in your classroom, here is a new fad that is taking over Reels on Instagram ~ WATER Bottle Rolling!!! Yes, most of the time there is money laying by each section, but why not make this new fad educational. 

I love finding  what my students are in to and making it into a learning game. When students can learn having fun, it’s powerful and engaging. STEM Water Bottle Rolling Experiments is here! 

When my students walked into our classroom and saw the table set up, they were so excited. They started talking about seeing this played on social media. They all wanted a turn.

Wow! How many times have your students asking to add decimals or fractions? (probably NEVER) Making learning fun doesn’t usually happen with a basic worksheet. This activity is a great way to reinforce addition, fractions, or decimals skills. You can also change it up in lower grades. (Use  sight words or smaller numbers to add) This activity is a fun and easy way to reinforce skills in math or other subject areas.  If you haven’t  flipped water bottles in you classroom check out this post! https://lisataylorteachingthestars.com/water-bottle-flipping-in-classroo/

Have fun and take care! We are in this together! ⭐️⭐️