Are You Ready For Some Football?

It’s that time of year again! The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of football, you likely have students who love it. And as we all know, students are so much more engaged in learning when they are interested and excited! 


I have learned to embrace sports in my elementary classroom because I love seeing how excited my students are when we do activities that involve their hobbies and interests. As a result, they are fully engaged in the activities we do which increases their understanding of the lesson being taught. A win-win for everyone! 

Here are some fun football activities you can do to get ready for the Super Bowl

  1. Wear Team Shirts. Who doesn’t love a fun dress up day? Have your students wear shirts or jerseys that represent the team they are rooting for. If  they don’t have a shirt or jersey, they can dress in the team colors. 
  2. Do a classroom survey to see what their favorite teams are. Sharing interests and why you love what you do is always fun for everyone. 
  3. Read some books about football. I love finding ways to connect activities with a good book. Here are some of my favorite football books to read with my kiddos! 

For more fantastic football books, check out a complete list of my favorites here! 

If you know me, you know I can’t resist doing a fun STEM challenge to go along with each lesson.

I created this STEM Paper Football Field Goal Challenge  for my students to do during the football season. 


This STEM challenge is a lapbook that goes along with the book Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupicia. 


The lapbook is a great way for students to keep themselves accountable for their reading and to help them stay on task during literature groups. Students can use these during the group discussions. The open-ended prompts also help students reflect on what they have read.


Students plan, design, engineer, and collect data as they are having fun designing a football field and goal post. Students collect data as they kick their footballs for field goals. This activity can also be used for STEAM Activities, Maker Spaces, Tinkering Labs, Summer Programs, or After School Clubs.The possibilities are endless! 

What are your favorite football activities? Let me know in the comments below!

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