Exciting Valentine’s Day Activities For Elementary

Love is in the air! It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day and that means lots of fun in the classroom. In many elementary classrooms students will enjoy trading cards and candy. Besides the cute valentines and sugar rush, this holiday is a perfect inspiration for fun lessons and activities. Your students will be excited to celebrate with these Valentine’s Day activities all month long!

Here are some Valentine’s Day activities you can do in your classroom

  • One way to incorporate Valentine’s Day into the classroom is with candy math. Using candy conversation hearts (or any other multicolored candy), students can sort, make charts, and practice graphing skills. They can also use the data to write math problems and challenge their classmates. 
  • Candy conversation hearts are also a perfect tool for a lesson on writing dialogue. Students can create their own comic using the hearts as part of the conversation. 
  • For further writing Valentine’s Day activities, introduce your class to the fun of writing poetry. “Roses are red, violets are blue…” is a perfect prompt for younger students, as they can get creative with rhyming words. Acrostic poems are also a big hit for Valentine’s Day, and students can use them as a gift for a parent or someone else they love. 
  • One of my favorite ways to bring Valentine’s Day themes into my classroom is with STEM challenges. Students love solving real-life problems, and these challenges add a fun seasonal element. 

My Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges resource has everything you need to get your students started.

There are seven challenges included, and each of them have a Valentine theme.

Students will use critical thinking, data collection, engineering, teamwork, and more skills as they attack the challenges.

Your class will be so excited to create a Candy Heart Catapult or Newspaper Eiffel Tower (the most romantic place on Earth, of course). Introduce a challenge today and let the fun begin! 

For more February activities, check out my other resources here!

What do you do in your classroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

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