Connecting STEM To Geography

You all know by now that STEM is one of my favorite subjects to teach. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math lend themselves to really fun activities in the classroom, which will get students excited to learn. They also get a chance to use their creativity and problem solving skills. STEM can help them build upon prior knowledge, come up with new strategies, and engage in deeper learning. 

There are tons of STEM lessons out there, but I really love to incorporate other subjects with STEM (you can check out my tips for connecting STEM with great books here!) While students get all the benefits above, you can address other learning objectives at the same time.

Reading and writing are often the easiest subjects to address with STEM lessons. Teachers often read books with the class as a springboard into a STEM activity, and students use their writing skills to record and respond. However, other subjects can be combined with STEM as well. Geography and history may not be the most common subjects to combine with STEM, but they lend to really fun activities too! 

The STEM World Landmarks and Celebrations Activities Bundle is the perfect way to incorporate multiple subjects into engaging activities. Students will learn about geography as they learn the locations of famous landmarks.


They will read nonfiction texts to learn about the landmarks or celebrations, and then use multiple skills to design structures. While the students have fun engineering, planning, and constructing, you’ll know that they are learning important history and geography subjects.


The STEM Geography bundle comes with 13 different activities- plenty to use throughout the year! Topics covered include:

  • The Statue Of Liberty
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Great Wall of China 
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • The Washington Monument

Those are just a few of the products you’ll get that cover 13 different famous landmarks or celebrations for your students to research and design structures resembling the landmark or the event. These activities cover Next Generation Science 3-5-ETS1-1 & 2!


What are your favorite subjects to connect with your STEM lessons?

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