Connecting STEM With Great Books

As a teacher, you probably have a schedule somewhere in your room that divides your day into certain subjects and activities. Reading, math, science, and others are probably assigned to various times. Schedules are helpful so students know what to expect, but what if you could combine some of those topics? You could get extra mileage out of your time, and your students would become even more engaged with the content.

Here are some benefits of using books in your lessons.

  • It encourages a love of reading. This is important no matter what subject you are teaching! Introducing your students to good books shows them a whole new world they can explore when they read.
  • It can give a new perspective. We all have our teaching styles. Likewise, our students all have their learning styles. Using a book in your lessons could introduce or explain the topic in a different way that may help a student get a better grasp on the subject or just give them a new level of understanding.
  • It’s fun. Plain and simple, it is fun to read a story that goes along with what you are learning in class. It can feel like a much needed brain break for your students during the school day even though they are still learning. That is a win-win!

One way to do this in your classroom is by connecting STEM with great books!

Assigning books, or reading together, is an awesome way to get students involved with good books. The teacher is also able to explain concepts or themes as they read.

Connecting STEM activities with great books is the perfect way to get your students excited about both! You can use a book to introduce the activity, wrap up a completed activity, or even as a break during a multi-step activity.

No matter when you choose to read the book, students will gain a deeper understanding of the STEM content by making connections. Choose a read-aloud to complement your next STEM activity and watch your students get excited about learning!

Here are some of my favorite books to read in class during STEM lessons

You can check out my STEM challenges that were made specifically to connect to literature here!

This bundle includes STEM challenges that connects to 19 fantastic books, included the books listed above!

STEM books
STEM books

Do you have any books you like to connect to your STEM lessons? Let me know in the comments!

STEM books

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