End Of The Year Activities Students Will Love

It’s almost the end of the school year and it’s time to start planning those end of the year activities for our students! This time of the year is so bittersweet because while I am happy that we will all be getting a much-needed break, it’s hard to say goodbye to the kiddos I spent my last year with. We’ve been through a lot together! 

How do you end the school year on a positive note? 

This is a great time to look back on all of the fun we have had, reflect on all that we have learned, and celebrate how far we have all come! This is a great excuse to plan a big end of the year celebration! 

How do you celebrate the end of the year? 

I find this to be the perfect time to have an end of the year party with my students! Here are my favorite end of the year activities and some fun ideas for a class party. 

  • What’s a party without some fun treats? Ask parents for snack donations like crackers, chips, cookies, drinks, or even some cupcakes. These things are super simple but always a hit with students. 
  • If you took pictures throughout the school year, make a slide show showcasing your amazing year together and all you have accomplished! 
  • Set the tone with an upbeat, kid-friendly playlist. There are tons on Spotify or even on YouTube. 
  • Play some games. You can play musical chairs, Simon Says, Freeze Dance, or any other simple and fun game. These are easy to play and low pressure so everyone enjoys them. 
  • Hand out some end of the year gifts. If your budget permits it, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your students’ faces!  Check out these exciting and affordable gift ideas to get you started.  
  • Hand out end of the school year awards. Everyone loves getting an award for all of their hard work. Add a STEM spin on it with this STEM challenge. This is a collection of thirty classroom awards. Students create their Oscars (tin foil sculptures) and then vote for their classmates for the award that fits them most. Teachers then assemble the Oscar-like statues and present the awards Hollywood style! 

Looking for virtual end of the year activities? 

Don’t worry, you can still have fun virtually, just host an online classroom party for your students! You can still play music and games on Zoom.  These at-home STEM challenges are simple and engaging activities that students can complete at home with supplies they already have. You can also hand out digital student award certificates!  

I hope you love these ideas! What are your favorite ways to end the school year? Let me know in the comments!

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