Student Gift Ideas For Elementary

It’s that time of year again! Time to start looking for the perfect Christmas activities, decor, and student gift ideas. 

I love all of these activities but my favorite is definitely finding the perfect gifts for my students. I love rewarding them for a job well done during the first half of the school year. 

The best gifts for students are the things you can get in bulk inexpensively. I came up with a list of the best gifts for elementary students that fit this criterion. These gift ideas are also fun for elementary students of all ages! 

Student gift ideas for Christmas

Here are my favorite student gift ideas

1. Fidget Snakes Puzzles

student gift ideas

Is there anything greater than toys you can fidget with as a kid? These fidget snakes are the perfect gifts for kids who love to keep their hands busy. They also come in a pack of 24! 

2. Plastic Slinkys

Slinkys as student gift ideas

These toys are a classic for a good reason. Kids of all ages love to play with them! You can get them in a pack of 50 so there is plenty to go around (maybe even enough to last you two school years!). 

3. Smiley Poppers

poppers as student gift ideas

These jumping toys are always a hit with elementary students! They come in a variety of faces and they can be launched sky high! You can get them in a pack of 24. 

4. Deck of Cards

cards as student gift ideas

These are great paired with some math games! You can get them inexpensively in packs of 12 or 24. 

5. Yarn

These little yarn rolls are great for yarn games, crafts, or finger weaving! Upper elementary students love seeing what they can create with a simple ball of yarn. The best part is that you can get a pack of 60, plenty to go around! 

After choosing the perfect gift, I like to put it in these cute little bags with a gift tag. 

These gifts never fail to be a hit with elementary students! For more Christmas fun, check out these free Christmas memories ornaments!

Let me know, what are your favorite student gift ideas for the holidays?

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