Essentials For The Perfect STEM Makerspace!

Do you have a STEM Makerspace set up in your classroom or school? 

STEM is a great way to get students working on multiple subjects at one time. It combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into one and usually takes the form of an educational challenge for students to work through. Sounds fun, right? 


To optimize time working on STEM in the classroom, I like to have a designated area, or Makerspace, that we can use again and again. 

What is a Makerspace? 

Makerspaces, also called Tinkering Labs, Learning Labs, or even STEM Labs, are essentially dedicated spaces for hands-on STEM learning. These spaces are great for allowing students to use their creativity to explore and learn different STEM concepts. 

What makes a good Makerspace? 

There are so many things you could include in your STEM Makerspace, the sky really is the limit here! Here are some of my favorite supplies to have on hand for the perfect STEM Lab or Makerspace. 

  1. Dual-sided Fiberglass Tape
  2. Origami Paper
  3. Assorted Ocean Animal Figures
  4. Assorted Animal Figures (zoo, farm, pets, etc)
  5. Food Grade Mineral Oil
  6. Paper Streamers
  7. Plastic Storage Containers
  8. Storage Bins
  9. Stopwatches
  10. Building Straws
  11. Food Coloring
  12. Expandable Ball Toy
  13. Craft Sticks
  14. Paper Fasteners
  15. Washi Tape
  16. Measuring Tape
  17. Buttons
  18. Hole Punch
  19. Building Flakes
  20. Mini Mirrors

For even more ideas, check out my full Amazon List here! 

I hope these ideas help you get the perfect STEM Lab set up for your students. What are your favorite items to have in your Makerspace? Let me know in the comments! For some fun STEM activity ideas, check out some of my favorites here!

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