Fun March STEM Activities and Books

March is an important learning month! It also seems to pass by so fast, parent-teacher conferences,  third quarter ends and the fourth quarter begins, Spring Break, and it’s about a month before standardized testing!!

St.Patrick’s Day STEM is also a great way to make learning fun, but also cover the skills needed to be successful on upcoming assessments.  Also, available in K-2 St. Patrick’s Day STEM.

There are 5 STEM March Challenges and within this resource these skills are covered: fractions, collecting data in a table, averaging, writing, engineering, and critical thinking.

  • Gold Coin Catapult Challenge
  • Penny Towers
  • Penny Water Drops Experiments
  • Creating a Leprechaun Trap
  • Leprechaun House

March Everyday is a Holiday:  Everyday has a fun holiday. March is a collection of printable random holiday worksheets that occur in March. March’s Daily Holiday Cards are a great way to engage students in a fun way to learn about fun historical facts. Everyday is a Holiday! Did you know that March 3rd is Day of Unplugging?, or that March 4th is Grammar Day? Everyday is a Holiday Activities have an activity or a suggestion that will engage your students in a fun way to learn each day.  You will have an activity for each day of the month!


It’s important to make learning fun, but also purposeful. One activity I love using is my Basketball STEM Challenge, it’s perfect since college basketball is starting their March Madness Tournament. Connecting important skills to my students’ interests is critical in making learning fun and engaging.  Students love shooting hoops and learning how
to record their data.  A good book to connect is Crossover by Kwame Alexander.

Fun Books: Boxitects is a fun book about show the importance of teamwork! How to Catch a Leprechaun is a great book to connect with Leprechaun traps and houses in the STEM Challenges. The Crossover engages even my most reluctant readers.


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