Fun Spring STEM Activities That Will Energize Your Classroom

Spring is finally starting to appear, and it’s time to enjoy some seasonal activities! There are thousands of spring and Easter activities for the classroom out there, but teachers often do not have time to incorporate them. With the high demand on classroom time and rigorous standards, it can be difficult to spend time on anything that is not learning-focused. 

That’s where seasonal STEM activities come in! STEM activities get kids solving problems with creativity, engineering, and teamwork. They are truly valuable for building skills- and can be a ton of fun too! 

Here are some fun spring STEM activities that are ready for use in your classroom. 

My April STEM Daily Challenges are great ways to engage your students in fun ways to learn historical facts and engage in STEM thinking every day of the month. Students will love learning about The Days of April with these spring STEM activities. 

spring stem

Did you know that April 1st is One Cent Day or April 3rd is Find a Rainbow Day? Everyday is a holiday STEM Challenges have an activity or a suggestion that will engage your students in a fun way to learn each day. If you have the Everyday is a Holiday Cards, these are similar just with more of a STEM connection.

My Easter April STEM Challenges Bundle is a collection of five spring STEM challenges that your students will love. They will use their designing, engineering, and data collection skills to solve problems with exciting Easter themes. These challenges include Easter items such as eggs, jelly beans, and even Peeps! The activities can be used in small groups, centers rotations, or as a whole group lesson. However you incorporate them, you can be sure your students are having fun while learning important skills. 

spring stem

Another exciting activity for spring is Easter Coding. These challenges allow your students to learn about binary coding on paper. This resource includes five activities that students will enjoy. There are hands-on activities as well as worksheets, and even a “Coding in a Box” activity that is perfect for centers or early finishers. Learning about binary code is an excellent way to gain STEM thinking skills while having fun with Easter themes. 

spring stem

I hope these activities bring some spring refreshment to your classroom and get your students excited about STEM!

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