How To Add Music Into Your Classroom

Music is such an important part of human life- it’s no wonder how effective it is in the classroom! Students of all ages respond to it, from preschoolers to teenagers.

As a teacher, you can harness that power! If you’ve never used music to improve learning for your students, I have a treat for you today. If you have used music in the past, I hope you will find a new idea or two. 

Here are some ways to add music into your classroom

One of the most popular ways to use music in the classroom is for retaining information. From the earliest years, students learn basics such as the alphabet and days of the week using songs. However, the use of tunes doesn’t have to end with the younger grades.

A quick internet search will provide plenty of songs that teach important concepts such as multiplication facts, history, or even science information. Content that is set to music will be more easily retained by students, and they will have fun while learning! 

For example, here is a song from Youtube to help with place value!

Another way to use songs in the classroom is to set the mood for various activities. Transition times can be improved with upbeat, happy music, while quieter activities can use soft classical background music. Younger grades can especially benefit from using certain songs for specific transition times. Don’t have time to make a playlist? Spotify has tons of playlists to choose from to easily add music without having to prep ahead of time.

Students will know what to expect and more easily move to the next activity. Students may enjoy creating playlists with their teacher for certain moods or times of day. Just as we use music to influence our mood at home or in the car, you can choose styles that reflect how you would like the room to feel.

Finally, it can be a powerful way to help students understand a particular historical period. When teaching about escaping slavery in the United States, for example, teachers can play the songs used by the Underground Railroad to spread information. Songs from the Vietnam era can also be deconstructed by students to understand the cultural mood and events of the time. Songs are an amazing history teacher, and helps students truly understand different periods. Pair some good music with these amazing social studies resources!


I hope you make a commitment to try music in your classroom in a new way!

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