January Dates That Will Add Fun and Creativity to Your Classroom

Why would someone jump in freezing cold water? Just how big is your foot? Can you play a kazoo? Who doesn’t love a rubber duckie? These questions will get your students thinking!

January is full of fun, sometimes quirky, holidays! It is a great way to start your day in your morning meetings, use as break when you see your students are needing to refocus or use for early finishers. There are days that you might want to just use the holiday to start a conversation with your students. Each day has a link, a video or website, that has something to do with the holiday. January STEM Everyday has a materials list for the days when you would like to do an activity. Some days need more items than others BUT there are some days when you don’t need anything.


1st– Polar Bear Swim Day

2nd– 55 MPH Speed Limit Day

3rd– Drinking Straw Day

4th– World Braille Day

5th– Bird Day

6th– Bean Day

7th– Old Rock Day

8th– Show and Tell at Work Day

9th– Static Electricity Day

10th– Houseplant Appreciation Day

11th– Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

12th– Hot Tea Day

13th– Rubber Duckie Day

14th– International Kite Day

15th– Hat Day

16th– Appreciate a Dragon Day

17th– Cable Car Day

18th– Winnie the Pooh Day

19th– Popcorn Day

20th– Camcorder Day

21st– Squirrel Appreciation Day

22nd– Hot Sauce Day

23rd– Measure Your Feet Day

24th– Talk Like a Grizzled Old Prospector Day

25th– Opposite Day

26th– Australia Day

27th– National Geographic Day

28th– Kazoo Day

29th– Puzzle Day

30th– Inane Answering Message Day

31st– Create a Mask Day

Bonus ideas for some of the days…

January 2nd– 55 MPH Speed Limit Day *Have car races. Have students create ramps and use small cars and see who can make their car go the farthest.

January 6th– Bean Day * Use beans in your math plans or let your students plant some beans.

January 13th– Rubber Duckie Day *Give students a Rubber Duckie to decorate (use paint or recycled materials) and display throughout your school.

January 15th– Hat Day *Let students wear hats to class.

January 19th– Popcorn Day *Have students create a popcorn bag

January 24th– Talk Like a Grizzled Old Prospector Day *Research the California Gold Rush

January 29th– Puzzle Day *Break out puzzles to do together!

Your students will love building, experimenting, exploring, or just talking about these days. Get creative in January and see what your students can do and learn. However you use January STEM Challenges Every Day is a Holiday your students will love it!

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