Teaching States of Matter

Learning about the “properties of physical matter” probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting topic to your class. Just seeing those words on the board might make your kids yawn and look for the nearest exit. Don’t worry- you can make this science lesson one of the most memorable and exciting parts of the year! 

The properties of matter, including physical and chemical changes, is an important building block for the study of science.  It’s necessary for students to understand the basics before attacking chemistry in later years. It’s also a vital part of understanding the world around them! Talking about solids, liquids, and gases is not the most effective way to gain the attention of your learners.

 Instead, hands-on STEM activities will let them experience the topic and gain a deeper understanding. 

To help you take your lessons to the next level, I created these States of Matter STEM Activities.

They are a perfect choice for teaching your class about matter in a fun and engaging way.


 Students can use the flipbook, vocabulary words, and charts to organize their learning and to refer back to during your science unit. 

Also included are hands-on activities that will let students experience the properties rather than just reading about them! The investigations are planned for you, and include worksheets where students can write about their observations.


 Your kids will record and measure during the activities, practicing important data collection skills.


Here’s a quick look at everything included: 

  • Matter Flipbook
  • Matter Writing Paper
  • Matter Chart
  • Matter Vocabulary Words and Word Wall Words
  • Milk Experiment
  • Ice and Salt Experiment
  • Soda Geyser
  • Candy Experiment
  • Matter Breakfast Ideas
  • Density Jar
  • Balloon Gas Experiment
  • Website Links
  • Pop Ice Investigation

I also love to teach lessons about slime during this unit. What student doesn’t love slime? You can check out my SLIME activities to help plan your slime lessons.


For more science lesson ideas, check out my post here!

How do you get your students excited to learn during science lessons? Let me know in the comments!

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