The Best Apps For Teachers That You Have To Try

Lately, I have been thinking about how much teaching has changed in recent years. It is getting more and more common to incorporate new kinds of technology to make learning easier. We have Google Classroom now, Zoom meetings, online communication, Google Slides, and plenty of other ways to learn remotely. 

Another fantastic way that technology makes teaching easier is apps! There are so many ways you can take your lessons to the next level by using simple apps.

Here are some of my favorite apps for teachers!

  1. Chatterpix: This app can make anything talk! Books, pets, doodles, food, and more! You can use it in your classroom to make messages for your students or they can even use it for class projects! 
  2. Green Screen: This app is essential especially now that so many people are distance learning. It creates a green screen so that you can use whatever background you want! It is great for making learning fun and also providing a visual for your lessons. 
  3. QR Code Readers: QR codes make everything easier, especially for younger learners who are still getting the hang of using technology in the classroom. Instead of finding links or websites, students can easily scan a QR code and it will present them with whatever information they need to get to. A good QR code app will make it easy for you to create and use them regularly. 
  4. Quizlet: This app is designed specifically for learning! It includes flashcards, games, and other study tools that will help students learn. Such a great resource! 
  5. Seesaw: This app makes it easy for students to post their work to share with their parents! It also makes it easy for teachers to communicate important information about student progress to parents. 
  6. Calendly: As teachers, we have so much to keep track of. This app will help you keep track of everything in your schedule and it works with iPhone and Android calendars!
  7. Explain Everything: This digital whiteboard app is created for teaching online. It is like a virtual whiteboard that you can use in your lessons. You can even add in animations!
  8. Draw and Tell: This app is perfect for elementary students. They can create a drawing and share with the class. This one makes it easy to add in creativity to your lessons.

There are lots of other amazing apps for teachers. These are just some of my favorites. I hope that this list helps you in your classroom! 

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