Amazing Teaching Bundles That Will Save You Time

I have always loved creating new teaching resources and sharing it with others. With the evolution of teaching and the way we share ideas with each other, it is easier than ever to hop online and do a simple search to find some great new ideas. 

We have no more limitations when it comes to new ideas and activities. There are millions of ideas to choose from! While this is amazing, it can also be overwhelming. No one wants to spend their free time browsing through thousands of teaching resources and ideas to plan out lessons each day. This is why I love teaching bundles! You can find one creator that you love and buy a bundle of resources to take care of you for the entire year. One and done! 

Here are some of my favorite teaching bundles that will last you the whole year

Entire Year STEM Challenge Bundle

This STEM bundle is ideal for lower elementary kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade students. This bundle comes with 43 STEM challenges including seasonal STEM activities for Christmas, Easter, Winter, and more! 

teaching bundles

Science STEM Resource Bundle

This bundle is a great resource to use while teaching about science concepts. Challenges include force and motion, rocks, natural disasters, fossils, and more. You’ll get  Word Wall Words, Flip Books, and STEM Challenges- everything for your STEM science lessons! 

Writing Prompt Cards Bundle

This bundle is a great collection of seasonal writing prompts for the whole year. The Writing Prompt Cards are great for writing centers or independent writing practice. Simply copy the prompts on card stock and put a ring in the top corner! Great for third, fourth, or fifth grade elementary students. 

STEM Inventions Bundle

These STEM Activities tie to history, research, and design challenges. Your upper elementary students will love these challenges that cover parachutes, solar oven, slinkys, windmills, space, crayons, and more! 

teaching bundles

Mega STEM Activities Bundle

This huge bundle includes over 55 STEM challenges that will engage your students as they go through the engineering design process. These challenges connect to literature and other content areas and are great for any elementary level grade. You will never have to buy new STEM challenges again. 

teaching bundles

I hope that by using these bundles, you get some of your valuable free time back. Remember, you don’t have to spend your every waking moment planning lessons to have fun and memorable lessons for your kiddos! 

You can check out more bundles here!

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