Why Project Based Learning?

Are your students excited about learning every day? I’d like to say mine are always engaged and ready to jump into whatever subject we are working on- but let’s be real. Some days are better than others, and some activities are more engaging.

Teaching topics such as economics, non-fiction reading, writing, and math can be challenging for teachers who want to make their classrooms an exciting place for learning. That’s where project based learning comes in! 😀

Project based learning makes even the most “dry” subjects come to life for your students. First, they will be experiencing the topics in real life. Authentic Learning!!! Project based learning assignments involve real problems with real solutions- not just words on a page. Students will develop critical thinking skills that they can use throughout their lives by participating in projects. (21st Century skills) The real world context means that they will immediately see how their results play out. 

Additionally, project based learning is fun! Even your most reluctant learners will be excited to participate and motivative to learn. The activities are engaging and help all kids get excited about the topic. 

If you can’t tell, I am a huge fan of project based learning so I put together a resource that I use in my classroom to incorporate it easily into my lessons.

My Project Based Learning Bundle includes some of my favorite units- ready for you to use! 

project based learning
project based learning

Eight different units are included that incorporate creative thinking and problem solving skills. The lessons will help your students learn about economics, entrepreneurship, math, writing, and many other subjects. They will also engage in activities that end in real life results. Students will start a business, plan a garden, get career-ready, and complete lots of other fun tasks within the activities. How cool is that?

For some more fun classroom lesson ideas, check out my post here on connecting STEM with great books!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate project based learning? Let me know in the comments!

project based learning

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