How To Throw An Amazing Valentine’s Day Party In Your Classroom

February 14th is quickly approaching so I am getting ready for my classroom Valentine’s Day party. I love planning a fun and festive classroom party. It gives my students something special to look forward to during the school day. However, I know not all teachers love planning classroom parties. It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! I’m here to help you throw a rockin’ Valentine’s Day party.

 When planning a classroom party, I find it is important to find the right combination of sweets and snacks, games, and holiday themed educational activities. 

Valentine's Day party

Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Party Activities and Sweets

  1. For snacks and sweets, it is best to stick with cookies or cupcakes- something that can easily be purchased at a low cost as a batch to go around to all students. Bags of chips or candy hearts are also an easy go-to snack idea that fits in with the Valentine theme. (The candy hearts can also be used in this STEM challenge.) It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, your students will love food no matter what. You can also ask for parent donations of these easy supplies to lessen the cost. 
  2. For games, get your students moving with a fun game of musical hearts, like musical chairs, but with hearts. You can also play a round of freeze dance (who doesn’t love that game?), or a Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunt. All of these games require few supplies and are of little to no cost.
  3. Pull out that extra stash of glitter, construction paper, and glue and have students make their own Valentine’s Day cards or card boxes, have them vote at the end to see who wins the class favorite. Here are some Valentine’s awards certificates you can hand out! 
  4. Add in some educational activities. You can still learn while having fun! Add in some fun Valentine’s day STEM challenges to get their creativity flowing. Try my Valentine’s Day STEM challenges here. It comes with 7 fun themed Valentine’s activities to choose from. 
Valentine's Day party

For more February STEM ideas. I have tons of great options in my shop. 

If you are distance learning, you can still have a fun virtual party with your students! 

Freeze dance can still be played in a Zoom meeting, you can also cater your scavenger hunt to items that are commonly found at home. 

My February At Home STEM Challenge is made to be completed by students from home with easy to find, common materials. Your students will create a heart statue using foil. This resource comes with directions, worksheets, and even awards to hand out at the end! This is a fun way to encourage creativity and give a good confidence boost with awards! 

Valentine's Day party

You can also try out my Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges. These come with Google Slides so they can easily be used in or out of the classroom. Students can build a Valentine’s Day candy catapult, do experiments with candy hearts, and more!

For more Valentine’s Day activity ideas, check out my post here.

I hope these ideas and activities give you some inspiration to throw your own fantastic Valentine’s Day party!

Valentine's Day party

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