February STEM Activities Your Students Will Love

When we think of February, we usually think of all things Valentine’s Day. There are classroom parties to plan, activities to prepare for, games to play, and maybe even some Valentine’s Day cards to make. It’s a  lot of fun and students really look forward to exchanging cards, sharing candy with friends, and doing fun educational activities in the classroom. 

 All of those things are great for the week of Valentine’s Day, but what about the rest of the month? 

Holidays are great ways to get students excited about learning and it gives them something to look forward to. That is why I always try to incorporate them into my lessons. But what about those days in between major holidays? 

I have a solution for you! Did you know that every day in February is a holiday? It’s true! You have Send A Card To A Friend Day, Frozen Yogurt Day, Thank A Letter Carrier Day, Get A Different Name Day, Weatherman’s Day, and more! I love incorporating these sometimes silly, little known holidays in my classroom because the students think it’s funny and it is a great way to increase their engagement. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go looking up all of the holidays and trying to make unique activities for each of them by yourself, I did all of that work for you.

I created my Everyday Is A Holiday February STEM Challenge resource so you can have all of the fun, without all of the work. 

February STEM

Everyday Is A Holiday February STEM Challenges have an activity or a suggestion that will engage your students in a fun way to learn each day of the month. This is also a great way for your students to learn about historical facts as they go along. 

February STEM

These printable February STEM activities are based on the Next Generation Science Standards and are great for elementary students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. 

February STEM

This resource will completely take STEM planning off of your plate for the month of February, but if you want more for the whole year, check out my Daily STEM Activities Bundle. You will get the February STEM challenges along with STEM challenges for every day of the year!

February stem

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