Read Across America Day Activities

Read Across America Day is quickly approaching! Every March 2 (the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss), teachers, students, and parents celebrate reading by enjoying books together. For some reading activities and STEM activities for March, check out my post here! Many teachers take the opportunity to also integrate Dr. Seuss-themed lessons and activities. The zany words and illustrations in many Dr. Seuss books are a perfect way to get your students excited about reading. 

Ready to add some new activities to your Read Across America Day plans?

One easy writing activity is to have your students craft an opinion piece about their favorite Dr. Seuss book. They can explain why the book is their favorite while practicing using main ideas and details. 

Dr. Seuss books also provide plenty of material for word study and phonics lessons. Using rhyming and word families, your students can springboard from Dr. Seuss’s text into creating their own.

 Another favorite part of Read Across America Day is the chance to create snacks!

Green eggs and ham is, of course, a popular dish that can be recreated in plenty of school-friendly ways. If you’d like to get a little more creative, Truffula Tree Cupcakes in honor of the Lorax are a fun treat. Simply use green frosting on homemade or store-bought cupcakes, stick a pretzel stick in as the “trunk”, and add a ball of cotton candy on top of each trunk. Your students will be thrilled with a snack they can enjoy while listening to The Lorax. 

To bring in science and math concepts during Read Across America Day, my Wacky Wednesday STEM Challenges are perfect. 

These activities can be used on any day of the week, and are perfect for students in 2nd- 5th grades. The silly challenges include Green Eggs, Tie Dye, “You’re Going Places” and several others.

 Kids love the funny topics, and they can easily be integrated with Dr. Seuss books to celebrate Read Across America. While practicing their engineering and building skills, students will enjoy hands-on fun! 

Read Across America day

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